Campervan North America LLC

Campervan Rentals in Las Vegas, Seattle, Bozeman & Yellowstone

The Green Alternative To RV Rentals

Tour the American West in style from the comfort of our customized campervans. Forget gas-guzzling RV rentals! Go camping instead in a fuel efficient, easy-to-drive campervan.

Get started from one of our three convenient locations: Bozeman MT, Las Vegas, NV and Seattle, WA.

The Campervan Mini Why Rent A Campervan?
  • More fuel efficient than RV's
  • Easier & more comfortable to drive than any RV
  • Less expensive than an RV & even many car rentals
  • Go places RV's can't go
  • Easier parking
  • Save on lodging rentals
  • Specially converted for camping with easier setup than an RV
  • Optional camping accessories available

Campervan North America offers your choice of four different models of campervans for hire.  Based on European design, our fleet is more agile to drive, leaves a smaller carbon footprint and less of a dent in your pocketbook than renting a traditional RV or motorhome.  Chose from the Edelweiss, a new twist on car camping, the high-roofed Treasure Chaser or the Two4theRoad or Clanhauler campervans, with both kitchen and bathroom facilities or the new for 2016 Bunkhouse.

Save Big On One-way Specials!

We have some great specials going on right now on one-way trips. Rent long term and you can create your own one-way itinerary using any of our locations -- and the one-way fee is waived!
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The Car Rental Alternative

If you're looking for a car rental in Las Vegas, Seattle or Bozeman, consider a campervan instead. Our Edelweiss campervan is less expensive than many car rentals and will save you a bundle on lodging.

The Edelweiss campervan makes a great car rental alternative!

Three Convenient Locations

Bozeman, Montana: Easy access to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks makes a great starting point for national park tours as well as extended tours throughout the entire western United States! Air access from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Campervan rentals in Las Vegas, Nevada and nearby McCarran International Airport. Las Vegas is a perfect starting point for that winter getaway with the Grand Canyon, Zion and numerous other attractions all within easy reach.

Seattle, Wahington: Now open year round. Click for more information.