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Suggested Campervan Tours

Midway Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park
Campervan North America visits Midway Geyser Basin for a Yellowstone sunset.

The possibilites for campervan touring in the Rocky Mountain/Intermountain regions are, in a word, endless. With Victor, ID (and now Las Vegas) as your starting point you are centrally located to explore as far north as Idaho and Montana, even Canada, or south all the way to Arizona and New Mexico and all points in between, east and west. (Travel into Mexico is strictly prohibited.)

Our suggested tours are just that...suggestions and a starting point to help you plan your own dream vacation. We've spend decades exploring the American West and have a little bit of insight we'd like to share on some of the best places to visit, but in the end, it's all up to you. One of the wonderful advantages of touring by campervan is the lack of schedules and timetables. Make detailed plans or let whim be your guide. It's up to you.

Suggested Campervan Tours: Jackson Hole & Yellowstone

These campervan tours begin and end near Jackson Hole, WY and encompass Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho and more.