Adventure Campervaning Vacations On A Budget

Our Edelweiss Campervan Makes Any Campervan Vacation Easy On The Wallet

Campervan North America's Edelweiss campervan is the perfect way for any couple to explore the wonders of the great American West, without busting the budget.

Young professionals and retirees alike, you'll be traveling in comfort and freedom in your Edelweiss campervan, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Many of the nation's most beautiful National Parks are within a few short hours of our rental location in Bozeman, Montana.

From Bozeman, two Yellowstone entrances and Grand Teton National Park are within easy driving distance.

From Las Vegas, Zion, Grand Canyon (north and south rims), Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Canyonlands, Arches and more are within reach not to mention the vast array of National Monuments, state parks and recreational areas you may never have heard of, but are well worth a visit.

The Edelweiss campervan visits Arches National Park
The Edelweiss

Once you get a feel for the area you'll be glad you have the freedom to let your whim be your guide, with so much to see and explore.

Not only is the Edelweiss very affordable to rent, it lessens the total cost of your vacation by eliminating expensive lodging fees.

Here's a breakdown of the estimated costs...

Budget Vacation in a Campervan: Expenses

1 week Edelweiss Rental including
adult sleeping bags, kitchen kit and chairs
$ 843.76  
800 miles @ 25 mpg=32 gallons of gas@$2.60/gallon
$ 83.20 *
Groceries & Beverages
$ 100.00 *
All National Parks Entrance Fee: Annual
$   80.00***
7 Nights Public Camping
$ 100.00 *
Total costs for two people
$1,206.96 *

Cost Per Person for 7 Days
$ 650.98 *
* Estimated Costs. Airfare, if any, not included.
*** Seniors and active military passes at greatly reduced prices are available. Individual park passes are available from $25/park


That's under $100/day per person. Make it a two week trip and the price per day drops even more.

Questions? We're here to help you plan your next getaway. Please feel free to contact us at: (208) 712-8100 or via email at

Another stop in Arches National Park