Edelweiss Campervan

Our Most Economical Campervan

Small and White, Clean and Bright! Our smallest, down-to-earth rig. This simple conversion, built on a Ram City Promaster or Ford Transit Connect, offers ample storage for all of the provided accessories that we offer and more plus a large, built-in, 5” memory foam bed for two.

The forced-air fan and screened windows provide welcome cross-ventilation when needed.

Whether you camp a few days or spend the evenings in hotels it won't really matter since the Edelweiss campervan is priced about the same as a rental car and makes for the perfect car rental alternative!

A selection of optional kits and accessories round out the package letting you ride in style and camp in comfort.

  • The Edelweiss
  • Sleeps two adults
  • 22 - 25 miles per gallon (35kpg - 40kpg)

Edelweiss specs

  • Converted Ram City Promaster or Ford Transit Connect
  • 22 - 25 miles per gallon (35kpg - 40kpg)
  • Vehicle Length: 15'
  • Bed dimensions: 72" X 59" (183cm x 150cm)
  • Sleeps one or two

Edelweiss Photo Gallery

More Edelweiss photos, including interior shots.

Edelweiss Videos

Edelweiss videos demostrating just how easy it is to set up for sleeping and privacy.

Edelweiss Accessories

A complete listing of campervaning accessories available for the Edelweiss campervan. No need to haul everything on the plane, just rent everything you'll need from us!