COVID-19 Announcement from Campervan North America


Originally posted: 5/14/2020
Dear Lovers of the Outdoors,

No one could have expected the whirlwind of what Covid-19 has done to our nation over the last few months. It is my belief that we will see camping in our national parks open up very soon. Many state parks are already open, and the national forests in the Bozeman area are opening as well. It makes sense, as camping allows one to get out in nature and be away from people. In short, Campervan North America is open again, but with a few minor changes.

We, as the renters of your social distancing tool, are doing everything we can to make sure that you get a clean and sterilized campervan upon pick up. The other thing that we must do is to make it as safe as possible for our employees, so we are implementing better ways to instruct our customers on the van check-in process that will be done via video and with social distancing at the forefront.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Campervan North America is making the following changes to their operational terms and conditions. This is both an attempt to keep both our customers and employees as safe as possible during these difficult times, but still allowing people to social distance in the rigs made for it … a Campervan North America campervan!

Minimum Booking

All bookings are now increased to 7-nights or whatever period is required by respective governments. For example, in Montana right now, there is a 2-week quarantine mandate, so there cannot be rentals to out-of-state people for less than 2 weeks. Montana residents can rent for 7 days or more.

Van Cleaning

Campervan North America will be cleaning vans according to the recommendations from the CDC.

Entering CVNA Locations

We ask that if at all possible, our customers plan not to use Campervan North America’s facilities. This is to attempt to keep isolation for our employees. If flying in, please use the airport's facilities prior to your arrival.

Van Pickup/Return

This will be done contact-free. We will provide you with video documentation of your van’s operation, and we will do a walkthrough with you via Facetime. Also, you will be there to document the procedure. Upon return, you will share photos of the fuel gauge in addition to the mileage to the respective branch manager.

We also will work to try and find delivery options for groceries etc.

For full details, please call 208-712-8100 for the most up-to-date cancellation information.

In closing, it is beautiful outdoors, probably more so than your backyard! We look forward to getting you out there, if and when you can make it to us!


Bob Swan
CEO, Campervan North America