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General Questions

It's easy! Make reservations online or call (+1) 208-712-8100 or email us at reservations@campervannorthamerica.com

NOTE: To make your booking, we require a 20% down payment. Final payment is due 30 days in advance of your arrival date. If you book within 30 days of your arrival date, full payment is required to book your campervan.

Our campervans begin life as standard van shells before an elaborate conversion process converts them into full fledged campervans suitable for sleeping, cooking and even showering, depending on the model. With no tents to set up, comfortable sleeping quarters, yet easy to drive, campervans are the perfect compromise between roughing it in sleeping bags and tents and the clunky overkill of an RV.

Anywhere in the US and Canada. Travel to Mexico is strictly prohibited. We’ve put together some selected tours to inspire your adventure plans.

Anywhere from 1 - 5 people depending on the model you choose and the ratio of kids to adults. See our Campervan Comparison Page for more information.

Yes, we offer an assortment of travel accessories and recreational gear to make your trip even more enjoyable. Depending on the model campervan you choose certain accessories may be included or optional. See our Accessories Page for more information.

No, these are 2-wheel drive vehicles meant for maintained roads.
Campervans are less expensive to rent, get much better gas mileage, are much easier to drive and will fit in just about any campsite. Campervans can access places RV's just can't go.

You'll save big by having the option to camp vs. spending the night in motels/hotels. As we're sure you're aware, accomodations in and around popular vacation destinations can be quite expensive. Not to mention the fact you'll be in the great outdoors instead of a stuffy motel room.

We have gear available for rent that you would have to buy as rental car companies do not rent these types of items. Also if you get tired, you can hop in the back and take a nap.

Yes. Campervan North America charges a fully refundable $750 security deposit. To get this deposit back, the driver must NOT:

  • Go over on miles
  • Damage the vehicle
  • Smoke in the vehicle
  • Bring the vehicle back excessively dirty
  • Bring the vehicle back without first emptying waste tanks where applicable

Also, the vehicle must be brought back with a full fuel tank.

Yes, there is a $750.00 security deposit that is charged on the final payment. This deposit is refunded if you stay within your mileage allowance, return the van in acceptable condition undamaged, return the van clean with tanks emptied, fuel tank filled, and do not smoke in the van.

No, never. Smoking in your van will result in forfeiture of your cleaning deposit and incur odor removal charges.

As soon as you can. We also suggest booking your flights around your campervan rentals.

Pick Ups: Rented campervans can be picked up between 2:00PM and sunset.

Drop Offs: Rented campervans need to be dropped off between 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM unless prior arrangements have been made.

In all cases, whether picking up or dropping off campervans, we will be as flexible as possible with these times, schedule permitting. Just be sure to contact us ahead of time if the above times cannot be met.

We will offer refunds, less an $85 handling fee, on a verified positive test in addition to closures or travel restrictions in either your state of residence or our states of operation.

  • 30 calendar days or more prior to rental date — US$85.00
  • 15 to 29 calendar days prior to rental date: 50% of the nightly rental charge plus one-way fee if applicable.
  • 0 to 14 calendar days prior to rental date: 100% of the nightly rental charge plus one-way fee if applicable.

For full details, please call 208-712-8100 for the most up to date cancellation information.

Your privacy is very important to us. We will never sell, rent, trade or give away your private information to any 3rd party for any reason whatsoever. Any information you share with us will be used for the sole purpose of conducting business with Campervan North America LLC.

No. Please utilize a taxi, shuttle or other form of transportation to reach our offices.

Pound for pound, amenity for amenity, performance for performance, our campervans out-perform and exceed expectations at every turn. At Campervan North America it is our firm belief that value isn't based on what you pay—it's based on what you get.

Our Clanhauler and Two4theroad campervans are built on Mercedes or Freightliner Sprinter Diesel powertrains. These are premium, world-class chassis compared to the chassis that typical motorhomes are constructed on. In addition, converting our vans is a more laborious, but higher integrity process. By integrity, we mean that our campervans have all amenities and componentry attached to the vehicle’s metal frame, as opposed to light wood (or even particle board) framing on a typical motorhome. Generally, typical motorhomes are fiberglass boxes bolted onto the frame of the chassis.

Glad you asked! Yes, even our little gem the Edelweiss can be more expensive than other campervans. Our Edelweiss fleet is purchased new — many other companies buy used vehicles to construct their campervans. The end result is that from Campervan North America, you will get a great, peppy vehicle with lower mileage and, therefore, fewer issues than many other companies.

Of course, that's a tough one for us to answer! They can be bigger inside — but this also translates to bigger/bulkier/harder to handle outside. Some of them have TVs' — something we firmly do not believe in while camping. What was the question again?

There are several...

  • First is fuel efficiency. The Two4theRoad and Clanhauler get right around 20 mpg! You will be hard-pressed to find a regular motorhome that gets 10 mpg.
  • The Driving Experience! Our Campervans are nimble—you can parallel park ‘em, drive them into cool, remote places where long RVs are not allowed, navigate narrow, twisting roads easy peasy.
  • Our Campervans are well-powered—hum down the freeway, easily passing RVs as you surge up that steep hill. Great visibility, both for driving and taking in those incredible views. Simplicity—nice tight vehicles, not a lot of moving parts to creak, rattle and fail.
  • Efficiency: not much feels better than driving by those gas pumps, waiting another couple hundred miles til you need a fill-up. This all adds up to a stress-free adventure experience!

It's not in keeping with our desire to simplify, integrate and maximize the impact of the beauty around you. Besides, many of those heavily painted companies are acquiring their fleets used, then doing the paint jobs.

Campervan North America reserves the right to offer you a free upgrade at no charge when we are unable to provide the van that you originally reserved.

Always book your campervan first! Airlines have way more available seats in their jets than we do in our small, custom fleet of campervans. Call us now at (208) 712 - 8100.


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