About Us

Campervan North America LLC believes there is a better way to vacation. We see what's lacking in current vehicle rental offerings and we have a solution for those with a sense of adventure -- those who want to get off the beaten path and do it in an environmentally responsible fashion. To that end:

  • Our fleet averages 20 miles per gallon
  • Our campervans are set up for low-impact camping

And we believe travel should be easy on the nerves:

  • All of our campervans are late model vehicles with low miles
  • Our fleet is much easier to drive than a typical RV / motor home
  • Our Edelweiss campervan makes a great car rental alternative that will save on lodging
  • We rent many accessories that are difficult to fly with
  • Campervan North America’s entire staff is committed to helping you have the best vacation possible

Campervan North America LLC believes, like you, in conservation, sustainability and a level of customer service not normally found in the vehicle rental industry. Campervan North America LLC is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of companies that recognizes the inherent connection between business and the environment.

Happy camping,
Bob Swan
President & Founder

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